Tuesday, April 23

Vidyut Jammwal praises Film Exhibitor Manoj Desai for being vocal about negative publicity of films

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A day after senior movie exhibitor Manoj Desai from Mumbai, Gaiety Galaxy and Maratha Mandir cinemas slammed Youtubers for giving negative publicity to films, Crakk movie actor Vidyut Jammwal met him at his office in Mumbai.

Vidyut Jammwal faced the same problem with regards to his recent film when one of the popular youtubers asked him to give a bribe for good publicity for his film. Vidyut Jammwal refused, following which the youtuber started negative publicity of the film.

Vidyut Jammwal was brave enough to take a stand and expose him on social media.

Taking to Manoj Desai, Vidyut Jammwal said, some reviewers have not been kind. They have started negative publicity of the film. To which, Manoj Desai said, these youtubers, some of them are biased, they speak reviews only for their welfare. They want their pockets to be filled to give good reviews front of audience.

Manoj Desai slammed these Youtubers for giving wrong reviews front of the audience. He said, because of these reviewers, people are not able to decide properly which film to watch as reviews are not true, they are biased.

He asked the Youtubers and reviewers to give constructive criticism of the film, so that is in interest of the film makers and also those associated with the film.

He said fair reviews are necessary for the audience and negative publicity will impact the movie makers as well as all those associated with the film, right from theatre owners to producers to film distributors. People wont come to the theaters as audience.

Manoj Desai said to Vidyut Jammwal that people are happy with his recent film Crakk and that people are giving whistles and applauses while watching the film. He can hear that at this theatre, he said.

He also requested to Vidyut Jammwal, if he has time to come for a Sunday show at Gaiety Galaxy to personally witness the craze and reaction from the audience.

Watch this interesting conversation between Vidyut Jammwal and Manoj Desai here below:


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