Tuesday, April 23

Film Exhibitor Manoj Desai slams Youtubers giving fake reviews to the audience, bats for constructive criticism of films

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Senior Film Exhibitor Manoj Desai got angry at a few select Youtubers and Influencers who take money to review films and badmouth movies at the behest of money. This is unacceptable, Manoj Desai said. Movie reviews should be honest and so called ‘reviewers’ or ‘critiscs’ should give their constructive opinion and criticism front of the audience.

Reviews should be fair and honest. Reviews should not be that you give bad or foul language to to the actors. You need to criticize films in a constructive way so that it is is easy for the audience to judge which movies to watch and decide appropriately. He said to the reviewers, that people are coming tot the cinemas to watch films.

Because of your paid reviews, people are not able to decide properly which film to watch. OTT is on the rise and people are finding it difficult to come to movies and at this time, you are criticizing films in a harsh way, which could impact distributors and film exhibitors like me, he said. If you keep on continuing negative publicity for films, how can people come to watch movies as audience, he asked?

This strong reaction from Manoj Desai came in the backdrop of recent movie Crakk where its Starr Vidyut Jammwal became Vocal about an incident where a popular Youtube reviewer asked him a bribe to give good publicity to his film. To which he rejected, following which he started badmouthing the film.

Watch my video interview with Manoj Desai, Senior Film Exhibitor on the topic below:


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