Tuesday, April 23

Vidyut Jammwal raises voice against paid reviews for films | EXCLUSIVE

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Vidyut Jammwal is a producer cum actor. He recently produced and acted in his recent film Crakk, which starred also actor Arjun Rampal and Nora Fatehi, Amy Jackson.

The film released last week and the film received mixed reaction from the audience. He also came to know that some of the reviewers were giving negative publicity for his film. They were giving totally biased reviews.

At the same time, he came to know that some reviewers were also asking for money from him to give good publicity for his movie. HE shared one incident on social media, where one of the prominent film critic came to the point of abusing him on social media for not giving him the amount he asked for movie publicity.

Vidyut Jammwal tried to take a stand on this type of thinking , such kind of negative activity should not be tolerated. He soon exposed the reviewer on social media. He made public that ‘so and so’ reviewer asked for a bribe which he refused to give. After this many people on social media gave their support to Vidyut Jammwal and called out the reviewer for his negative reaction and intentions.

Filmifever team spoke about this matter with FIlm Exhibitor Manoj Desai and posted a video clip on social media about their opinions on the topic. The video was viewed by Vidyut Jammwal as well and he decide to pay visit to Manoj Desai and discuss more on the topic. I, Admin Ravi Gupta also reached out to the actor at the moment and asked for his comment on the serious allegation he has raised and talks about paid publicity of films.

Vidyut said, he doesn’t have problem if people criticize the film genuinely or for entertainment purposes etc. But asking money and doing extortion from the producer in the name of publicity is a crime and needs to be exposed. He said we need to expose such kind of negative activity at the earliest otherwise their hands keep getting stronger.

He asked people to keep watching his films and take the first hand experience of watching film themself in theatres and understanding whether it is good or bad. He asked people to be aware and not pay blind attention to what these reviewers say on social media. Most of them are paid and do fake reviews and publicity, he said.

Watch my exclusive conversation with Vidyut Jammwal here below:


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