Monday, February 26

“Warned you in 1984”, James Cameron expresses concern over the wrong use of AI

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Hollywood director James Cameron in a recent interview said that he had warned about the wrong use of AI in 1984 movie Terminator itself, saying that the wrong use of AI specially the weaponisation of the use of Artifical integiliencie could lead to catastrophic conseqences.

He shares his belief thay the weaponisation of AI would get us equivalent to the nuclear arms race. ‘If we don’t build wepaons around AI, someo one else is going to build it and it is going to escalate even further’, he believs.

According to him, AI on battlied if used, computers might operate so rapidly tha humans won’t be able to intervene, eliminating the possibility of peace amid arms talk or war.

Dealing with AI technology requires a focus on de escalating tension or wars and Mr. Cameron doubts whether AI adheres to those principles.

Me. Cameron’s 1989 movie Teminator showed us a story fo a cynbernetic assasin created by a supercomputer intelligent known as Skynet.

Mr. Cameron acknowledegs that AI has certain advantages but we cannot overlook the disadvantages wrongly used could lead to disastraous consequences that can potentially spell tha end of this world.

Leading experts in the field of AI like OpenAI and DeeepMind (Google), academics, lawmakers are also aware of the risks associated with AI and open to sort orut measures to mitigiate the risks associated with this new technology.


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