Monday, February 26

Kanye West replaces his teeth with $850K James Bond inspired Titanium Dentures

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We have come to know latest what we hope is true that Kanye West has replaced his natural teeth with custom titanium dentures, taking inspiration from James Bond villain Jaws costing a rumoured $850,000.

Kanye West has posted a pic of this on his Instagram story. Check out the pic below:

Kanye West has had all his teeth removed and replaced with titanium dentures in his latest shock move

These dentures are fitted by Dr Thomas Connelly, a dentist in Beverly Hills and Naoki Hayashi, master dental technician after taking out a surgical procedure.

Earlier also Kanye West had replaced his teeth bottom part row with diamond and gold implants. This was in 2010. He had said that time that he felt diamonds were cooler that is why he decide to do so.

He had also said that as rockstars these are certain things are expected of him to do so.


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