Tuesday, April 23

Gaiety Galaxy Film Exhibitor Manoj Desai slams the haters of Veer Savarkar Movie

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Senior Film Exhibitor from Mumbai, Manoj Desai of Gaiety Galaxy and Maratha Mandir cinemas took a tough stand against the haters of Veer Savarkar movie recently released in cinemas. He called those people criticizing the movie as ‘uninformed about history’.

He asked a question to those talking ill about he movie, ‘Were you born during the time of freedom struggle? Have you experienced the kind of struggle our freedom fighters have experienced?’

He also took a mention of the Kaala Pani jail struggle Veer Savarkar had to experience during his freedom struggle. He said it is one of the toughest punishments given to people during the British rule.

There was very little scope of survival during that punishment. Saying sorry to come of jail and fight the freedom struggle is not a sign of weakness. But a master strategy to challenge the British, he said. He used words like ‘diplomacy’ and ‘politics’ to define the action of Veer Savarkar.

He asked people to come and watch the film to know more about Veer Savarkar. This is the story of one of our bravest freedom fighters.

He also took mention of his own family history. Manoj Desai said, he comes from a family of freedom fighters. His mother andd father were put inside Indore Jail for openly criticissing against the British using posters etc. He was himself born in Indore jail where his mother and father were imprisoned, he said.

He says only those families will really understand the pain of freedom struggle whose ancestors were part of the freedom struggle.

Swatantrya Veer Savarkar Movie starring Randeep Hooda is receiving mixed response from the audience. Some are going ahead and watching the film to understand about Veer Savarkar and his struggle. While some are just criticizing the film.

Manoj Desai said those criticizing the film are only criticizing for the sake of criticizing. They should go and watch the movie. He said he gives a Salute to Randeep Hooda for his performance in Swatantrya Veer Savarkar movie.


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