Tuesday, April 23

Crew Movie Review: Comedy, entertaining, women oriented film, you can watch with family

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Crew is a story of three air hostesses, what are their dreams, ambitions etc., we get to know looking at the movie. Everyone has a yearning for money and these air hostesses also desire money as they have their own different majburis.

What route do they take to earn money in the easiest way possible we get to know looking at the movie. Kareena, Kriti and Tabu all these superstar actresses have performed really well in their respective roles.

Diljit Dosanjh entry was entertaining. Diljit and Kriti Sanon chemistry was also nice. It was really good to watch this movie. The three women of this movie, Kareena, Kriti and Tabu outshined in their respective roles that there was no need for a male hero or actor in the film.

I found the movie entertaining as well as comedy. There was good music and the BGM of the movie was very energetic. Loved this thing about the film.

Crew movie takes instances from real life like Vijay Mallya, famous flight owner who suffered bankruptcy. I had a decent expereince watching this film and I’d recommend you also to watch this film. I rate Crew movie 3 stars out of 5. Dialogues are good and some unexpected twists and turns make this movie even more interesting.

Watch my video review of the movie below:


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