Monday, February 26

BREAKING: Salaar replaces Dunki at Historic Maratha Mandir cinema hall Mumbai

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Shah Rukh Khan famous cinema hall in Mumbai Maratha Mandir where his movie DDLJ is running for so many years till now. We are going to see a different history being made. We have seen today that in the history of Maratha Mandir, No film was ever replaced of Shah Rukh Khan with other film.

Today, we saw Salaar film getting placed for exhibition in place of Dunki at Maratha Mandir cinema beause Dunki was getting less response from audience and Salaar was getting good response from audience.

Salaar film 3 pm show saw 320 people viewers after booking started 8.30 yesterday. Salaar 6.15 show is also going to start and it will have much more audience. Salaar will get more audience during the weekend.

Salaar is an action drama film whereas Dunki is a family oriented film. People are giving good response for Salaar. Dunki is getting less response. First time we saw that in the den, the stronghold of Shah Rukh Khan, Mumbai Maratha Mandir, Pan India Star Prabhas making his presence.

This is after Prabhas had to face a few disappointments for his films like Radhe Shyam and Adipurush which didn’t get that response from audience as it was expected. In the clash between Shah Rukh Khan’s Dunki and Prabhas’s Salaar, Salaar is emerging as a force to be seen, watched out for.

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